Best Classical Albums 2014

First, a note on genres and categories: Like my jazz list, this one is defined by the genre, and like that jazz list I’m doing this to be inclusive. In terms of history and tradition, the accumulation of ideas, styles and forms through time, classical music (like jazz) had a long-expanding common language, then reached a revolutionary point where that splintered. What we have is, one on the one hand, a system of tuning, harmony and structure that has proliferated through epochs of style for hundreds of years and, after WWII, a tradition of experimentation and avant-garde exploration that takes discrete aspects of the old tradition and uses them as the foundation for the on-going, and still unfinished, creation of new systems.

That means this list is the first of two, one that is concerned with new recordings of the standard classical repertoire and new music that belongs to that tradition (including minimalism and post-minimalism)—today’s list—the other in the post-WWII tradition. One is the descendent of the other, but instead of going into the family business, decided to do something more … I don’t know, DIY. That list will come soon.

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Best 2014 Releases of the Standard Repertoire (music that has been recorded before):