… This side of the line playlist …

Fripp & Eno, No Pussyfooting (DGM)

Fripp & Eno, Live in Paris May 28, 1975 (DGM)

Philip Corner, Satie Slowly (Unseen Worlds)

John Holloway, Pavans and Fantasises from the Age of Dowland (ECM)

Michael Brown, George Perle: Eight Pieces (Bridge)

Fifth House Ensemlbe, Excelsior (Cedille)

Yvar Mikhashoff, Panorama of American Piano Music (Mode)

Susan Rotholz, Margaret Kampmeier, American Tapestry: Duos for Flute and Piano

The Young Mothers, A Mothers Work is Never Done (

Robert Satterlee, Fred Rzewski: Piano Music (Naxos)

Red Garland Trio, Swingin’ on the Korner (Elemental)

Arditti Quartet, Brian Ferneyhough: Complete Works for String Quartet & Trio (Aeon)

Corinne Winters, Steven Blier, Canción Amorosa (NYFOS)

Anna Gourari, Visions Fugitives (ECM)

Carolyn Sampson, Cappella Amsterdam and Daniel Reuss, Poulenc: Stabat Mater (Harmonia Mundi)

Quarteto Casals, Haydn: The Seven Last Words of Chris (Harmonic Mundi)

Luzerner Sinfonieorchester, James Gaffigan, Dvorak: Symphony No. 6, American Suite (Harmonia Mundi)

John Butt & Dunedin Consort, Mozart: Requiem (Linn)

Haitian Rail, Solarists (New Atlantis)

Juhani Aaltonen, To Future Memories (TUM)


People, 3xaWoman (Telegraph Harp)

Ross Hammond and Calvin Weston, Blues and the Daily News (

Claypipe, Daylight Blessing (Mie)

Gang Wizard, Important Picnic (Mie)

Happy Family, Minimal Gods (Cuneiform)

Matt Nelson, Lower Bottoms (

Sunn O))), LA REH 012 (

Jerome Sabbagh, The Turn (Sunnyside)

Keir Neuringer, ceremonies out of the air (

William Ryan Fritch, Revisionist (Release Date 10 February 2015

Phil Haynes & No Fast Food, In Concert (Corner Store Jazz)

Jeffrey Ziegler, Something of Life (Innova)

Rich Halley 4, The Wisdom of Rocks (Pine Eagle Records)

PC Worship, Social Rust (Northern Spy)

Mike & Cara Gangloff, Black Ribbon of Death, Silver Thread of Life (Mie)

Franklin Kiermyer, Further (Mobility Music)

Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Andrew Norman: Play (BMOP Sound)

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