My Nine

I picked this up from Alex Ross, who picked it up from someone who goes by CK Dexter Haven (naw mang, I’m the one with unsuspected depths, that’s why my wife married me). Make a list of your favorite numbered symphonies, one through nine. You might be surprised by the results. Here’s mine (I share 3, 7 and 9 with Ross):

  • Barber, Symphony No. 1
  • Schumann, Symphony No. 2
  • Lutoslawski, Symphony No. 3
  • Ives, Symphony No. 4
  • Honegger, Symphony No. 5
  • Beethoven, Symphony No. 6
  • Sibelius, Symphony No. 7
  • Bruckner, Symphony No. 8
  • Mahler, Symphony No. 9

Quick and dirty jukebox below. What are your nine?


Author: gtra1n

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One thought on “My Nine”

  1. 1. Walton –
    2. Elgar –
    3. Brahms –
    4. Gerhard –
    5. Sibelius –
    6. Mahler –
    7. Pettersson –
    8. Bruckner –
    9. Schubert

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