Is This Thing On? Miles Davis' Bitches Brew News

Mic check, mic check … Apparently, it’s on now.

As you can see from the timeline, it’s been several months since my last post, I confess. While I have written tens of thousands of words on music, none here. But there will be more forthcoming, starting with this post (and you can keep track of recent work here and here).

First, some news about myself and my work: my 33-1/3 series book on Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew is in production and will be available October 22, pre-order now!


Looks like there will be a couple (at least) book events in New York City, and one in Montreal, those are in the administrative stages and I will update when there’s anything specific to report. I will sign any copy of my book that you present to me!

And on Miles related news, the next installment of the Bootleg Series is due July 17. This new, 4-CD set is all live performances from the Newport Jazz Festival, with appearances spanning 1955-75. There’s a substantial amount of electric Miles on it, including Bitches Brew material and later music. It’s redundant to recommend this, because Miles’ music should be a part of everyone’s collection. Pre-order it for the best price.



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