Consumer Reports: Bowie Box!

I can believe it if it seems like I’m spending too much time encouraging you to spend your money, but you’re probably going to spend it anyway, so why not do so wisely? Hm?

Really, this is something I don’t even need to recommend, you need it—David Bowie Five Years 1969-1973 box set, due September 25. This is a 12 CD box that covers everything from Space Oddity to Pin Ups, extending through and past the Ziggy Stardust years. There are live sets, including the Santa Monica concert, and a wealth of material beyond that on the original LPs. The Amazon price of $120 (as I write this) will almost certainly drop prior to the issue date, and pre-ordering means you guarantee Amazon’s lowest pre-release price. The set is also available at for a little under $105, which my experience tells me will probably be the lowest price, including shipping, although the difference may be less than 10% of the final price, and Amazon will have it in your hot little hands ON the release date, if you are a Prime member.


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