Summer Rails

Into this July murk comes the summer Brooklyn Rail and our music section.

The usual good stuff: a wide range of thoughtfully chosen listings, Steve Dalachinksy’s “Outtakes.” Some things I think are especially worth your time:

  • A must read interview with Dustin Hill, who performs under the name Black Pussy, conducted by Jordannah Elizabeth, who I’m excited to have writing for us.
  • A lovely and informative article about guitar-making and flamenco, by Geoffrey Clarfield.

There will be more to come on-line: we recorded our podcast on Monday and I will ideally have it edited and up by the end of this week. We also will have reviews that you won’t find anywhere else of two recent concerts, one with Yo La Tengo and the other one with Colleen. And if and when I can clear this murk from my head, I’ll have both this issue’s editorial Diary, and also the one for June! Someday …


I'm a composer and musician, and I write about music—I do that here, for the New York Classical Review, at the Brooklyn Rail (I edit the music section there) and any place else that will have me, like New Music Box and Music & Literature. I also wrote the Miles Davis' Bitches Brew book in the 33 1/3 series.