The Hits Just Keep on Hittin’

Some late year miscellany before I post more on the year in music:

  • Already Dead Tapes was one of our recommended labels in the October issue of the Rail, and starting today they have a “Any 3 Tapes for $10” sale going on at the Bandcamp page. That’s three tapes for the price of two, and the label has 235 releases so far in its catalogue. Recent picks are the latest from Lost Trail, and a set of remixes of Public Speaking, who’s on our roster of recommended gigs for December.
  • The wildly quirky label Hausu Mountain is putting out an intriguing recording this Friday (digitally, vinyl comes in January). Mortal, from Quicksails, is some kind of combination of modular synthesis and free jazz, and I am dying to hear the whole thing after I got through the track below.
  • You can now read an article I wrote for New Music Box, “When Jazz Was Cool,” a look at the cool we lost, and how jazz was once the mass media soundtrack of the hippest of the hip. Of course, there’s Miles …


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