Why Fight


This is the reason I have this blog, and the kind of thing that I’ve been figuratively starving myself (though soon to be actual) to advocate for.

That certain readers may find this to be incoherent noise is exactly why I advocate for it. SUMAC’s brand of sludgy metal is already counter-cultural, and Keiji Haino is an indescribable musician, something of a magician/griot who makes some of the most transparent abstract improvisations one will hear.

Meetings like this of the avant-garde and the cutting edge of a popular genre are more common than generally presumed, and they amount to an experimental edge in music making that is on equal aesthetic terms as anything out of the academies, and far more important socially and culturally. These are soundtracks to the resistance.

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via (81) Keiji Haino & SUMAC – ‘American Dollar Bill..’ (Album trailer) – YouTube



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