Look at that ugly gap in postings! Apologies for that, I’ve been truly preoccupied with an unfortunate occurrence, vis-a-vis the Big City; the hard drive on my computer is failing. As I’m sure you can imagine, that’s a problem when it comes to maintaining any kind of web site.

As it’s going to conk out literally any moment (the people at the monitoring software I use said that the number of bad blocks was “off the charts”), I’ve been busy trying to prepare ways that I can keep doing my work, including blogging, on an iPad, and for the short term I can sustain the blog.

While for the long term I will need some more robust and permanent technology, the good news is that my Kickstarter campaign was a success and this blog will continue through the end of 2018.

Which leads to this important reminder: If you want to read all content here after New Year’s Eve, you will need to subscribe (there will still be stuff here available to all, but subscribers will get the best stuff, including more media). I understand that subscription media on the web may offend many people; I have been blogging for 10 years without compensation, and now is the time to turn that sweat equity into something real. Modest, but real.

Subscriptions are $20 per year, which is incredibly modest, far less than mainstream web journals, far less than you give to NPR or PBS (and if you live in New York you have a good idea of where that money goes), far less than any print subscription, about the cost of two paperbacks, or a CD with change left, or a couple downloads from Bandcamp or iTunes. It’s more than affordable.

Think about it, and if you want to subscribe, use this link where you can pay and I will collect your email address for your future access.

Repeat: Only subscribers will get all content starting January 1. Subscribe now! Only $20 for the calendar year!

“He gets it! He knows music!”

Alvin Singleton

“I strongly disagree with much of…this essay…but it’s incredibly well-written and thought-provoking, and definitely worth a read. This is the kind of writing that I would hold up as a perfect example of why blogs are not merely fun and interesting, but also serious and important.”

Judd Greenstein


I'm a composer and musician, and I write about music—I do that here, for the New York Classical Review, at the Brooklyn Rail (I edit the music section there) and any place else that will have me, like New Music Box and Music & Literature. I also wrote the Miles Davis' Bitches Brew book in the 33 1/3 series.