Morricone is the Man


I’ve had this in a browser tab for a couple weeks because I knew if I started to play these videos, there went the afternoon. And there it went.

You’ve heard this music before, I’m sure, but what a pleasure to see it being played, to see how it’s made. Morricone is simply a titan among composers, one of the finest melodists ever, and a master of structure, especially rhythmic, and form. And oh, that orchestration! The instruments he uses give the music so much of its meaning and effect, and in that he’s a peer of Mahler.

If you want to waste spend your day doing something constructive and fulfilling, play through this entire mix of live movie themes from the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. And if you don’t have any Morricone in your library—you should—I highly recommend these two discs, which give you music from the Westerns, and also some extraordinarily fine themes from movies you will probably never have the chance to see.

“George Grella understood exactly.”

Robert Ashley

“…Edgy models include Brooklyn Rail…”

San Francisco Classical Voice

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