New Zoe Keating

A0209695768 16Zoë Keating is a friend and a musician I worked with way back when I had no idea what I was doing. Some things don’t change, but Zoë’s career absolutely has, and I’m happy that her unique way of making music has touched so many people. She does the great thing that is available to—but infrequently tapped by—solo artists, which is to dig deep into one’s own personality and share what you find with the audience. Her music inspires devotion beyond the simple beauty and sonic force.

She has new EP out, Snowmelt, made in her new home of Burlington, Vermont. Maybe its winter music, but if you hold a piece of ice long enough, you’ll feel  plenty of heat. Get it at Bandcamp—don’t shop for it anywhere else—and while you’re at it pick up her full discography in digital for a little more than $12, which is an unreal value.

“I ate your book.”

Bernhard Lang

“I dig the jacket!”

Kurt Elling

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Author: gtra1n

I'm a composer and musician, and I write about music—I do that here, for the New York Classical Review, at the Brooklyn Rail (I edit the music section there) and any place else that will have me, like New Music Box and Music & Literature. I also wrote the Miles Davis' Bitches Brew book in the 33 1/3 series.