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This blog first opened in late January, 2008. Since then I’ve done a lot of writing, first here and then starting about 2010 increasingly for other publications, online and in print. The amount of words has at least stayed the same, even increased, but there’s been fewer and fewer of them here.

But I haven’t forgotten the Big City, even in a past year that took a lot of endurance and perseverance to get through. I haven’t run out of things to say, but for a while I did run out of opportunity, concentration, and purpose.

Also I’ve never been as organized as I’d like to be, and the backend here was so cluttered that every time I thought about a new post, I couldn’t get past how I was going to tag and categorize it.

So now, with some regained stability in my life, I’ve decided to start afresh. I’ve wiped this site clean of the old content—it’s all saved and I will judiciously repost select items from time to time—and begin from where I am now. So stick around.

“George Grella understood exactly.”

Robert Ashley

“…Edgy models include Brooklyn Rail…”

San Francisco Classical Voice

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