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Friday, March 27, we all found out what was in the emergency stimulus resonse to COVID-19 shutting down the economy (Sidebar: the stock market is not the economy, and both don’t exist without people and their labor). One major arts recipient is the Kennedy Center, the non-profit will be getting $25 million.

The first order of business for Kennedy Center president Deborah Rutter was to fire the National Symphony Orchestra. Rutter is symbolically suspending her $1.2 million salary (SIDEBAR: Nobody working for a non-profit should be paid seven figures—their boards are made up of rich people who award their social peers with the same things they desire, it’s corrupt at the core). The article notes that Rutter says a two-month shut down would mean $20 million lost revenue, for which the stimulus amount overcompensates.

So of course fire the musicians. For someone like this, appointed by a board of wealthy and well-connected swells, it’s no different than telling the cleaning lady you can’t use her services for a couple months, so wachagonnado ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

National Symphony Orchestra musicians receive one-week notice from Kennedy Center. – The Washington Post:

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