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”The more susbtantial an individual’s aesthetic experience is, the sounder his taste, the sharper his moral focus, the freer—though not necessarily the happier—he is.."

UPDATE: The Freelancers Union has created a Relief Fund, check the link to either apply or donate (note: applications look to open April 2).

UPDATE: New Music USA has opened up their Solidarity Fund for all you freelance musicians out of gigs. Apply here.

I started this blog a dozen years ago because I was going insane—the banks had destroyed economic opportunity for tens of millions of people, I couldn’t find a job, my unemployment had run out, and I had to do something constructive.

And here we are again, folks. In this case, it’s a virus, nothing nearly as sociopathic as an investment banker but more destructive. Where before I had not been working, now I had been working constantly, and now that’s been taken away.

As a freelancer in the arts, I’m now searching high and low for both work and relief. The former seems non-existent, but there is a bit of the latter, and for anyone in my shoes, there’s some resources to check out to see if any are targeted toward your needs:

Every little bit helps, even a $5 tip from the button below. I’m sure a lot of you are screwed over as I am, but if you’re looking for people to help out, I could use it.

“He gets it! He knows music!”

Alvin Singleton

“George Grella understood exactly.”

Robert Ashley
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