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”The more susbtantial an individual’s aesthetic experience is, the sounder his taste, the sharper his moral focus, the freer—though not necessarily the happier—he is.."

Roy Nathanson plays with his neighbors in Ditmas Park

The Endangered Quartet is saxophonist Roy Nathanson, trombonist Curtis Fowlkes, bassist/vocalist Tim Kiah, and violinist Jesse Mills—sort of a version of the Jazz Passengers. They have an album, Heart, scheduled for release on May 22, on Panoramic Recordings (that’s the jazzish arm of the excellent New Focus Recordings new music label).

This is in the vein of a Jazz Passengers album: made with skill, taste, imagination, and a balance of irreverence and love for the material, like the jazz/bluegrass style on “Goodnight Irene” and the delicate and plangent arrangement of Bach’s Chorale BWV 244/44.

As for the mood…it’s real. My own moods are frustration, despair, hopelessness, and also determination. This music gives me an ache, one that I’m not always prepared for. That means they’re reaching me, so pre-order and prepare. (If the world is safe by then, there’s a scheduled releases show on May 22 at Joe’s Pub—otherwise, online only).

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“I ate your book.”

Bernhard Lang
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