The Big City

”The more susbtantial an individual’s aesthetic experience is, the sounder his taste, the sharper his moral focus, the freer—though not necessarily the happier—he is.."

This entrancing video is a teaser from an upcoming release on the Soap Library cassette label. The album is Foliage of Caves (May 1) by Gryphon Rue, and everything is the produce of the playing and manipulation of one instrument, itself mainly known as a tool: a saw.

You’re impressed, I see. I’ll say no more. Order the cassette at Bandcamp, it’s a limited edition of 50 copies. And check out some other Soap Library releases—I recommend Eve Essex’ Here Appear and Some from Jeff Tobias. There’s also a good label sampler:

“My favorite new music blog.”


“I ate your book.”

Bernhard Lang
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