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Got any coin stuffed away in a digital mattress someplace? Asking for a friend…

Seriously, I am asking, because this is 10 of my April fundraiser, and baby I’m still out here raising. I’m a maker and a taker, and if you can skim anything off the top, it all helps. If I’ve ever helped you discover a new pleasure, if I’ve saved you money by pointing out a bargain on something you wanted to buy, I’d appreciate a cup of coffee (but not if you’re shit out of work, like me).

Case in point: if you have some money for new music, hold onto it until Friday, May 1, when Bandcamp is again donating all their fees to artists who sell music; buy something and the maker gets 100%.

Can’t wait? Brooklyn-based Temporary Residence, Ltd. label giving away an album a day, starting today (at Bandcamp, that means pay what you want, which can be $0). First up, April 27, is this rocking art-punk album from the Italian band Bellini:

Tuesday, April 28, you can get The Drift, by Noumena, and don’t miss out on William Basinksi’s ambient classic The Disintegration Loops (May 1), and then releases from Field Works in their series of albums based on and inspired by the field recordings of Stuart Hyatt. This daily sale is going to continue until there’s a COVID-19 vaccine, so the label is paying it forward in the extreme.

May 1 is also the release date for a new Field Works record, Ultrasonic, a collection of music based on Hyatt’s recordings of bats. I’m very excited about this one coming out, check out the preview below and you’ll “see” what I mean:

Experimental musician Howard Stelzer has brought out the back catalogue for two now defunct labels he used to run, Intransitive and Songs From Under the Floorboards, and he’s offering a deal on the full digital discography, 29 releases for $22.70. Go to any releases, like this excellent one from C. Spencer Yeh, and purchase the bundle from there. But maybe wait until May 1.

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