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Opera Philadelphia will be streaming five productions, starting Friday, May 1, and running through May 29, on their YouTube page and at

Like other streaming opera presenters, there’s a schedule for when each of the performances will be available:

  • Denis & Katya (Philip Venables) , premiering May 1, 8pm, available through May 8, 7pm (North America only).
  • We Shall Not Be Moved (Daniel Bernard Roumain), premiering May 10, 3pm, available through August 31.
  • The Barber of Saville (Rossini), premiering May 15, 8pm, available through June 30.
  • Sky on Swings (Lembit Beecher), premiering May 22, 8pm, available through August 31.
  • Breaking the Waves (Missy Mazzoli), premiering May 29, 8pm, available through August 31.

“Anyone who can write with insight and authority about Alas No Axis, Sonic Youth, Elvis Costello…Missy Mazzoli and William Britelle, and…Mahler…is okay in my book.”

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