The Sell-Off

Is it possible to regularly listen to 18 different Mahler symphony cycles? 20 different sets of the complete Beethoven symphonies? In theory, yes, in practice, no; I find myself reaching for the complete Mahler on EMI rather than the one on Deutsche Grammaphon, I prefer Bernstein's first cycle to his second, I usually pick Bertini … Continue reading The Sell-Off


The latest issue of The Wire, #405, for November, is out now, and in it you can read my coverage of the Ostrava Days 2017 festival, which was it's usual excellent self. Web view is available only to subscribers, so you'll have to actually grab a copy of the issue to read the whole thing.

Tip Jar

A gentle reminder, there is an ongoing fundraiser here at the Big City. Every little bit helps, even tiny donations. If you can give more, I have many of what the public broadcasters call "premiums." Since I'm below even subsistence level, your donation means a lot more to me, and if you can't give any … Continue reading Tip Jar

Where It’s At

My transfer back to is fundamentally complete, though cleaning up graphics and taxonomy on the back end is an ongoing project. As great as my previous host, WPEngine, was, I just can’t afford it; freelance writing produces a below poverty level income, and this blog has never produced any income. As for the lack … Continue reading Where It’s At

Early Summer

On mental vacation—in case you hadn't noticed already. Left things to read elsewhere: a profile of composer Alex Mincek at Music & Literature, pointing out that there's no bullshit with the blues over at one of my posts, and the usual accumulation of concert reviews at the NY Classical Review. June will deliver something I've been … Continue reading Early Summer