Makin' Tracks

Over at the Brooklyn Rail, my intrepid assistant editor and I have published the first of what we hope will be roughly monthly podcasts. Each episode will be tied to the contents of a particular issue (ten issues a year), and to go along with our April feature on Allen Lowe, and other content, here's … Continue reading Makin' Tracks

Video of the Week

If this isn't the only bit of Clifford Brown on video, it has to be one of an exceedingly small few. The profound pleasure of listening to him play is always made impossibly complex by the absolute senselessness of his death. Enjoy as much as you can during his birthday broadcast, October 30, WKCR.

Maverick Media

American Mavericks is in full swing here in New York City. I have some mixed feelings about Monday's San Francisco Symphony concert -- I'm not sure what John Adams was thinking when he made Absolute Jest, and it's hard to square Jessye Norman's substantial career with a performance of John Cage's Song Books -- the … Continue reading Maverick Media