2014 Year In Lists

Lists. I know, I know, many music fans find this lazy, unfair, and no substitute for criticism. That point of view is generally true, although lists can be useful and informative. And speaking inside the world of criticism, where it is essentially impossible to listen to every recording that comes my way (the digital music … Continue reading 2014 Year In Lists

Ashley in the House

Thinking and writing about Robert Ashley has been an involved, major project for me the past many weeks, and I am close to tying it off. There's no feeling of relief, because his work is extraordinary, and his loss—which was inevitable—is immense. There is such a dearth of new thinking in opera, exacerbated by the … Continue reading Ashley in the House


The cliché of the visionary artist is of someone like William Blake, so involved in the worlds in his head that his wife said of him, "I have very little of Mr. Blake's company, he is always in Paradise." This is the idea of vision as hallucination, a mystical third eye seeing into dimensions and … Continue reading Tele-Visionary