Keepin' It Real

The power (of the internets) has been restored here at Big City headquarters, and it's time to squeeze out as much of this immense backlog as I can until Time Warner Cable screws up something else -- though I would like to point out that the while their call-centers and customer service offices are atrocious, … Continue reading Keepin' It Real

Maverick Media

American Mavericks is in full swing here in New York City. I have some mixed feelings about Monday's San Francisco Symphony concert -- I'm not sure what John Adams was thinking when he made Absolute Jest, and it's hard to square Jessye Norman's substantial career with a performance of John Cage's Song Books -- the … Continue reading Maverick Media

So Appendix

This week's column at ClassicalTV is actually a fairly extensive interview with So Percussion, talking with them about next Monday's concert at Carnegie Hall and the music of John Cage. After, or before, you read it, peruse the selected discography, especially from last year, which was enviably productive: Drumming, the disc that put them on … Continue reading So Appendix