Interim Listings

Summer’s coming to a close, and the next round of Brooklyn Rail listings won’t be up for a while. So here’s some things you might want to catch between now and Labor Day:

  • August 24, Cornelia Street Cafe: Dave Ullmann’ release show for his new disc Corduroy. An interesting and groovy jazz concept album, coming out of Ullmmann’s fascination with 70s TV theme songs. The disc is out August 267, and there’s a follow up show on August 28 at Barbès. Just don’t expect the Bronx to be burning.
  • August 25, Glasslands: Opal Onyx release show. Another release show, this one for Delta Sands, the debut of band with an evocative mix of folk underpinnings and swaths of electronics and touches of metal. Entrancing music at home that promises to catch fire live.
  • September 2 – 7: John Zorn at the Village Vanguard. Zorn’s composing has been a heavy, and welcome presence on the music scene the last couple of years, and now here’s the ideal chance to hear him playing, and leading bands. Which, in case you might have forgotten, he’s fantastic doing.
  • September 2 – 7: Karl Berger residency at The Stone, followed by Evan Parker starting September 9. At Zorn’s own performance space, two of the finest improvising musicians of the last fifty years.
  • September 5: Avant Media opens their new season with John Cage’s magnum opus Song Books at Wild Project.