Stumbling Upon

I have mixed feelings about the newly robust editorial side at Bandcamp. I'm a fan of the site in general, and have worked with the talented new editor in the past (and have written something for the site that was apparently killed, likely due to the subject's irrelevance). They are covering a lot of music, … Continue reading Stumbling Upon


Expanding The Good

Despite my [take on the devolution of the form,]( available in the new issue of The Brooklyn Rail (where I am the newly installed Music Editor), electronic music as a serious compositional and aesthetic medium is alive and well. [This post]( at Synthtopia opens up a window on some other leading practitioners, and there's always … Continue reading Expanding The Good

Random, And Analog

Question: Has the development of the means of making electronic music retransformed the sense of time in Western Culture from linear/progressive to circular/static?  Discuss . . .