Playlist, Late Fall Releases

Elliott Sharp Aggregat Quintet: as good as last year’s great Aggregat trio album, but more so. The Soviet Experience, Volume 4, Pacifica String Quartet: this finished up their Shostakovich cycle, which has been great, and this set in particular is powerful, one of the best classical releases of the year. Bartók and Kodály: The … Continue reading Playlist, Late Fall Releases

In Your Own Home!

That's right, you too can have Elliott Sharp in your very own home! For the low, low price of $1,000 coin for a private concert! Too much? Then scrape together $10, or anything else you've got, so he can record "Proof of Erdös" and complete his (hopefully) upcoming CD From Corlear's Hook on Starkland records. … Continue reading In Your Own Home!

Voting Often

If not early enough for some editors … One of the polls I take part in an annual one for the Spanish site El Intruso, and since it covers a cross-genre range of creative music it's one of my favorites (and also since it is made up of a pretty tiny pool of critics, my … Continue reading Voting Often

Review: Elliott Sharp Trio, Aggregat

< p>This record has a gleeful, genial madness about it. It’s not the spawn of insanity, it’s the sensation of watching an autodidact demolish conventional wisdom and show the beauty and genius of what can be done by following one's own path. Sharp’s brilliance as a musician has an obvious force but is unique and … Continue reading Review: Elliott Sharp Trio, Aggregat