Eternal Cage

Today is John Cage’s birthday, as it will be for the next several billion years. His ideas and accomplishments will be eternally important and relevant. Everyone and their mother (especially this awful book) namechecks 4’33”, but his magnum opus—at least in my current view—is Song Books. Below are some moments from the fantastic performance Alarm Will … Continue reading Eternal Cage

Winter Was Hard

Looking up from the endless chill and gloom of this past winter, I see that it's been four weeks since I last posted here. Mea culpa. I had been using weekly playlists as a shorthand way of producing implicit reviews, but even those fell by the wayside under an unexpected rush of writing assignments and … Continue reading Winter Was Hard

The Heart Beats Not for Thee

Perhaps the true measure and quality of greatness in Cage is that his life and work ignore such thinking, letting it pass like the breeze. The best art doesn’t offer answers, it asks probing, fascinating questions. It is antithetical to this value to think that one thing is the answer to all things in Cage, when his achievement lies on a spectrum that, in maturity, begins with tossing coins and continues to question after question after question, leaving us to explore what answers might lie inside ourselves.