Winter Was Hard

Looking up from the endless chill and gloom of this past winter, I see that it's been four weeks since I last posted here. Mea culpa. I had been using weekly playlists as a shorthand way of producing implicit reviews, but even those fell by the wayside under an unexpected rush of writing assignments and … Continue reading Winter Was Hard

Playlist, The Good Stuff

Records in heavy rotation the past week, simply because they are awfully good and highly recommended: Noah Preminger: Haymaker - this has been out since the spring, and the impression on first listen is that it's a solid but not particularly notable jazz group session. After catching a rousing live set from Preminger and … Continue reading Playlist, The Good Stuff

Video of the Week

Picked up from Phil Freeman's Burning Ambulance (thanks Phil!), here is John Zorn's great Moonchild band playing the new disc, Templars in Sacred Blood, at the Moers Festival this past May.

Silent Spaces

It seems to me that there is something very wrong, something that is objectionable and upsetting on the gut level, when institutions that claim to support and present the arts sink their money into buildings and stiff the people who do the actual creating. The Minnesota Orchestra has been silent for a year because the … Continue reading Silent Spaces