Winter Was Hard

Looking up from the endless chill and gloom of this past winter, I see that it's been four weeks since I last posted here. Mea culpa. I had been using weekly playlists as a shorthand way of producing implicit reviews, but even those fell by the wayside under an unexpected rush of writing assignments and … Continue reading Winter Was Hard

The Month Past

As you can see from the picture, January new releases surpass two days listening time, and that’s only the digital collection (itself subject to some choices as to what, and what not, to add). The CDs keep coming in, amounting to four good handfuls for the month. Then there’s the music that I buy/download for … Continue reading The Month Past

Playlist, end of summer

Playlist, end of summer Joni Mitchell, Don Juan's Reckless Daughter Bass Desires, Bass Desires Elvis Costello and the The Roots, Wise Up Ghost Anna Nicole at BAM Next Wave Festival Claire Chase, Density (October 1 release date) Dave Holland, Prism Linda Oh, Sun Pictures Amir ElSaffar, Alchemy (October 22 release date) Mary Halorson, Illusionary Sea