Joyce DiDonato: 1,000 Times Yes

If you missed Joyce DiDonato’s terrific Carnegie Hall recital this past Tuesday, you catch up on the backrgound through my review, while streamig the whole thing here for 90 days, thanks to  You will need to make an account (free), to see the whole thing, but you should anyway because is essential for the classical music lover. Say “Yes” to Joyce.

DiDonato, Zobel: A Journey Through Venice on


Join Me, Won’t You?

I only have a solo press ticket for Joyce DiDonato’s Carnegie Hall recital tonight, but you can join me from the comfort of your own home via my friends at They have new partnership with Carnegie, and will be streaming and storing concerts for live and on-demand viewing. Tonight is the first!

The live webcast is for subscribers (I believe), but once the gig is done the concert will be free to stream for 90 days, and you can watch it through a web browser, smart TV, smart phone, tablet, or Chromecast.

DiDonato is great, so is, this will likely woo you undecideds.

Mahler: The Movie

My friends at, who stream and record excellent classical music concerts, and now offering their first film:

Holy shit, how could you not watch that? Russell’s version of Mahler’s life is, unsurprisingly, a bit deranged, but that’s why we love him, and love Mahler. Do check it out, and all the other great music medici has to offer—the other new addition is concerts from Carnegie Hall.

Brokeback Mountain Stream

One of the major opera events of the year is the premiere performances of Charles Wuorinen’s operatic version of Brokeback Mountain. The opera comes directly from the story by Annie Proulx, who herself transformed her writing into the libretto. There is an obstacle, however: these are at the Teatro Real in Madrid, and the closest must of us will get is Tony Tommasini’s review.

Except, my friends at are generously streaming a live webcast of the opera on this Friday, February 7, 2 p.m. EST. Daniel Okulitch and Tom Randle star as Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist, Ivo van Hove is the director, Titus Engel conducts. Here’s a preview:

Brokeback Mountain, Wuorinen – Titus Engel, Ivo van Hove – Teatro Real Madrid on

If you can’t catch the live stream (aren’t you working in front of a computer, though?), the webcast will be available for streaming for ninety days, starting Friday. There is also an iOS app for watching on a mobile device, and it works nicely depending on available bandwidth. While you’re enjoying the show, considering a subscription, they have a mind-boggling library of live and archived music, opera and dance performances, and the aesthetic and technical quality is unsurpassed.

Christmastime of Year

There was a recent thread in the American Musicological Society’s email list, wondering how Early Music got to be associated with Christmas? Since these are my [favorite]( [holiday]( [records](, I couldn’t understand the topic.

To them, I add two worthy new releases:

* *[Veni Emmanuel](*: a gorgeous collection of choral music, old and new, exquisite singing and brilliantly put together by Music Director Graham Ross.
* *[Tchaikovsky & Ellington: Nutcracker Suites](*: an equally brilliant idea, play the original suite then Duke’s arrangement of the music. Great idiomatic musicianship from Steve Richman and the Harmonie Ensemble.

And better than the Yule Log are the selections at [](, itself a great gift for anyone who enjoys classical music — the site is offering up to 40% off subscriptions and gift cards through December 31. Here’s something from Joshua Bell and Renée Fleming, part of a webcast available until January 31.

Things to Do While Going Out of Your Mind With the Heat

If you can’t enjoy the classic bourgeois pleasures of a country house and/or foreign travel when the sun rushes down at you and the ozone makes your throat ache, you can at least dream the dream in reality, so to speak. My friends at have created a new version of their mobile app, dedicated to the great summer festivals like Aix-en-Provence, Verbier and Salzburg. Just like their current app, it connects your iPhone and/or iPad to live and streaming performances of classical music. You get the most content with a paid membership (a great value), but the app connects you to a free performance per day. Go someplace with it.