Things To Come

Things will not be great in 2017 if you are an ordinary person, especially if you're not a man and not white. Things will be great for certain people, those who have the right balance of melanin and money. For example, things will be good for non-punk rock musician/Weimar-ignoramus/privileged emigrant Amanda Palmer. But not everyone … Continue reading Things To Come

Keeping Up

The ongoing process of keeping up with the blog continues. But meanwhile, and as per the usual, I'm keeping up with music everywhere, and the words continue to spill out in other places. To get everyone caught up (including myself), here's what's been going on since my last major post: I spent a couple weeks … Continue reading Keeping Up

Playlist, The Good Stuff

Records in heavy rotation the past week, simply because they are awfully good and highly recommended: Noah Preminger: Haymaker - this has been out since the spring, and the impression on first listen is that it's a solid but not particularly notable jazz group session. After catching a rousing live set from Preminger and … Continue reading Playlist, The Good Stuff