Hot Weather Music

No songs-of-summer-commercial-pap-to-get-you-to-buy-beer here, but Summer music, music old and new that I listen to in the hot weather. This is a pretty personal list, it comes out of how I want music to make my mind feel in the middle of a heat wave like we just had, and it’s inseparable from my NY City … Continue reading Hot Weather Music

La Divina

I don’t believe in ghosts, because the stuff of the real world is far more more mysterious and haunting. Think of sound recordings: they’re not just commodities to sell and deliver a listening experience to anyone who holds them, they are frozen pieces of the past. And because, contrary to the popular notion that we … Continue reading La Divina

Ashley in the House

Thinking and writing about Robert Ashley has been an involved, major project for me the past many weeks, and I am close to tying it off. There's no feeling of relief, because his work is extraordinary, and his loss—which was inevitable—is immense. There is such a dearth of new thinking in opera, exacerbated by the … Continue reading Ashley in the House