The Month Past

As you can see from the picture, January new releases surpass two days listening time, and that’s only the digital collection (itself subject to some choices as to what, and what not, to add). The CDs keep coming in, amounting to four good handfuls for the month. Then there’s the music that I buy/download for … Continue reading The Month Past

First Quarter 2012 Playlist

My concert-going so far this year has been dominated by John Cage, the American Mavericks festival and other musics on the new/avant/experimental spectrum. Coming home afterwards, I have been drawn to recordings, relatively recent and new, that just give me pleasure. In heavy rotation: Brahms: Complete Works for Violin and Piano, Arabella Steinbacher, violin, … Continue reading First Quarter 2012 Playlist


After all the words about history, theory, technique and analysis, jazz can also just be about playing music, and how good that sounds. The theory part is that the music is a unique hybrid of sophisticated art and popular appeal, music that’s based on improvisation, and so abstract for the head, and based in getting … Continue reading Playing