Glass Totems

  Along with Steve Reich, another major American composer is turning 80 this year: Philip Glass. There are no ongoing celebrations of his life and work, though that’s nothing to regret. Glass has always had a rare, extensive appeal into popular culture, and his career was buttressed by last year’s memoir, Words Without Music, which … Continue reading Glass Totems

Keepin' It Real

The power (of the internets) has been restored here at Big City headquarters, and it's time to squeeze out as much of this immense backlog as I can until Time Warner Cable screws up something else -- though I would like to point out that the while their call-centers and customer service offices are atrocious, … Continue reading Keepin' It Real

Signal: Glassworks This is a strange recording. Whatever one thinks of Glass’ music, it has an underlying, almost physical, energy that comes out clearly in every live performance I’ve witnessed or heard in recording. And the combination of one of the leading new music ensembles, Michael Riesman and the friendly confines of Le Poisson Rouge, should … Continue reading Signal: Glassworks