Attention To Pay

If you don't feel like showering me with dough during this stretch of Spring blegging, perhaps you'd might direct those dollars towards two of my favorite musicians, both of whom have performances over the next week. William Brittelle, who previously has made mad and magnificent pop music, has a new chamber music disc coming out … Continue reading Attention To Pay

2010 Top 10

Of all the music, of all kinds, released this year, these are my favorites, in alphabetical order: Die Zauberflöte, Mozart - René Jacobs, conductor, Akademie Für Alte Musik Berlin, RIAS Kammerchor; Daniel Behle, Marlis Petersen, Dainiel Schmutzhard, Sunhae Im, Anna-Kristiina Kaappola, Marcos Fink René Jacobs has finished his series of recordings of the mature Mozart … Continue reading 2010 Top 10

Read About It In The Sunday Papers

Two reasons to look at today's Arts and Leisure section: A nice, enjoyable article on William Brittelle , who's CD is awesome and who's upcoming show will be awesome too, and A well-done story on an upcoming reality show where, since one of the characters gave my dog some love on Smith street, you might get a chance to see everybody's favorite ham, Arlo. ReadyForHisCloseup Now, cue Joe Jackson: