Gentle Reminder

These could all be yours!

These could all be yours!

The Big City fundraiser is continuing. Incremental progress means I must keep out the begging bowl for much longer.

Modest means and real needs ensure every donation matters,  even coins in the couch cushion help. If you spend money on cultural writing elsewhere, consider a donation here. If you’re not getting what you’re looking for elsewhere, consider again. If I’ve pointed you to some worthwhile music and found the best price, a donation would be a great way to say thanks.

And for donations of $20 and up, you’ll get something in return, from a great book to great music. See this post for details, and just hit the button below:


Tip Jar

A gentle reminder, there is an ongoing fundraiser here at the Big City. Every little bit helps, even tiny donations.

If you can give more, I have many of what the public broadcasters call “premiums.” Since I’m below even subsistence level, your donation means a lot more to me, and if you can’t give any more to NPR since they got rid of jazz coverage, consider helping out here.

Hitting Amazon links for purchases helps, a few pennies go to me instead of their company. You can also buy my excellent book!


Even more, treat yourself or a loved one to a signed, personalized copy. A donation of $20 (add $5 for expedited mailing if you need this in time for Christmas) gets you a copy with the inscription of your choice. It’s a way to give and get.


Ahead Of The Curve

It’s not a specific goal of mine, but I do find myself frequently ahead of the curve. Maybe you read my original article on Kraftwerk, which goes back a few years. And now the Museum of Modern Art is following up the bands series of shows with four weekends of DJs in tribute to the band: first up, of course, is Africa Bambaataa. That $10 ticket gives you three hours of classic music and a classic experience, and if turning you onto that has value, and especially if the cultural and aesthetic context I’ve offered has value, please donate. Spring fundraising continues, and every little bit that trickles in helps.

One Year Later

Not another year for this blog, those dates are marked in January, but another year in the life of your faithful, hardworking publisher/editor/head writer. The Spring Fundraiser continues, and there’s no better day to donate than today! Or if you’re in a gift-giving mood, you might find a belated but welcomg something here. But if you can at all, please give a little something, if not to help defray the costs of this production, and there are costs, then to show appreciation for what all this work I do means to you. Thanks.