Starting a Roofing Service

Founding a successful roofing service takes ten steps, as this video explains. Launching a roofing business takes more than roofing knowledge. It requires knowledge of branding, marketing, and good business practices.

Video Source

Finding a mentor who successfully operated their roofing company for a significant period of time, such as a decade or more, can help get things moving in the first year. Instead of looking for a local mentor, consider making contact with potential mentors at conventions or tradeshows. Also, if you earn certification from roofing manufacturers, such as GAF or Tamko, check the manufacturer’s website for a list of other certified contractors.

Operating a business takes a significant amount of time and effort. Acquire the right business tools just as you purchase the right construction tools to install a roof. These purchases may increase your start-up costs slightly, but worth the impression they help you make on consumers.

As the video host mentions, a new roofing business can do more than $1 million of business in its first year. This revenue takes planning, hustling, and following the developmental steps closely. After studying the science of roof installations, you will also need to learn the art of marketing and where to gain inspiration for growing the business.

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