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Pet Palaces: Why You Should Add a Cat Window Box

Pets are important parts of some families and beloved companions. They provide intimacy and a loving presence in any home, whether that’s out in the country or in the big city. According to surveys, cats are the  second most popular type of animal companion in the United States, with over 25 percent of households in the country having cats on the premises. This translated to over 31,800,000 households, with at least one cat each. 

However, not every home has the space nor the features to give a cat the room it needs to have a comfortable life. This often truer about homes in the city. 

Learn all about cat window boxes and how they can make your cat’s life better.

What is a Cat Window Box?

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Before you can understand why cat window boxes are perfect for you, you need to know what they are first. Cat window boxes are also called ”catios,” a portmanteau of the word cat and patios. These are small enclosures, big enough that they fit unto the lower pane of a standard window. They’re often a foot high and three to four feet long. They often extend about a foot to two feet out from your window.

A cat window box is like a perch and cage for your cat, but with more room for them to move and a great view. Cats love sunning themselves and enjoy looking out from high places and a catio is a great way for them to have both sun and a vantage point. 

It’s also a very simply piece of construction. Once you’ve secured permission from your landlord to attach a catio, all you’ll need to build it are standard construction materials. The bottom of the catio should be made of strong wood, not particle board. The latter can disintegrate after a few days of rain or your cat’s scratching. The sides need to be made of sturdy but see-through material like metal grates or grills. This will let air and light enter the box without risking your pet’s life. 

Finally, the top of the cat window box should be made of two materials. One half of the top can be made of transparent material to give your cat a spot to sun in while the other is made of opaque material to provide shade.

Once the catio is complete, you can attach it to the outside part of your window. Use sturdy screws or pegs to fasten it into place and keep the windowpane secure. It will act as the door of the catio, penning your cat inside with ease.

Why Should Get a Cat Window Box?

You may be wondering why you need a cat window box when you can put your cat in a cage or similar enclosure. However, there are several living circumstances where a catio can make life better for your feline friend. 

Below are some of the reasons you may want to build and install your own window box for your cat to play in. 

  • Small Apartment
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When you live in the big city, you may not have an apartment that’s big enough for your cat to roam around in. Small apartments can be very confining for you pet and it can end up scratching all your belonging in fits of boredom. A cat window box lets your pet have more room to play in while separating them from the rest of your apartment.

  • Give Your Pet Space
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Cats are explorers and curious by nature. However, leaving a cat outside your apartment or city dwelling can be very risky. Your cat can be taken by someone else, end up wounded or even meet an untimely end in the streets. A catio lets them romp around and view their surroundings in a high, and secured place without any of the dangers associated with letting cats roam free. 

  • No One to Watch
A cat watching something from outside
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Many people who live in the city live alone or with a few other equally busy roommates. You may have to stay out of your apartment or home for long stretches of time for school or work. This means you cat has to roam around your apartment unsupervised. Aside from making a huge mess, cats can also end up in trouble. A catio confines your pet inside an area that’s larger and more comfortable than a cage.

City living can be difficult for people, but it can also be hard for your pet cat. A cat window box lets your feline companion have a small niche of their own without cramping them. 

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