Essential Tips for Boosting Your Home Security

Home security is of vital importance to a family’s safety and well-being. The video explores three core elements of security: Deter, Detect, and Deny. Here are some tips to help homeowners utilize those aspects of keeping a home safe.

The appearance of a home is the first deterrent to criminal activity.

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A well-lit home, for example, is less likely to be targeted than a home that’s completely dark at night. Fences and gates are also deterrents as they show that it will be a challenge for an intruder to get in.

Homes should also ideally have some sort of surveillance system. Cameras are great, but only if they can detect intruders in both the day and the night. A doorbell camera is a useful tool to identify visitors and save footage which could later help in the prosection of trespassers.

Denying entry to a home means investing in home security extras like additional locks, reinforced doors, bars, and other forms of fortification such as higher fencing and gating. The key is to make it so difficult for an intruder to get into the home that it becomes not worth their time anymore. Homeowners can also make it so that any entry is so noisy, it alerts someone as soon as a burglar tries to get inside.

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