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Investing Wisely in Your Breakfast Diner Business

  • Invest in a great location and necessary building requirements, such as high visibility, parking, and foot traffic.
  • Kitchen equipment needed for a successful breakfast diner includes griddles, waffle irons, commercial egg stations, and espresso machines. 
  • Investing in talented chefs, servers and hosts, kitchen staff, store managers, and cleaners are essential. 
  • Investing in deep cleaning services can help keep your restaurant looking great at all times. 

Opening a breakfast diner is a dream for many entrepreneurs, but it requires significant investments to do it right. Many factors go into creating a successful breakfast diner, from acquiring the right equipment to setting up your kitchen. To ensure you’re setting yourself up for success, here’s a look at the essential investments you need to make when starting your breakfast diner business.

Location and Building Requirements

The most important investment you must make when starting your breakfast diner is ensuring you have a great location and the necessary building requirements. You want to be in an area with the following criteria:

High Visibility

This means your location should be visible from the street and have plenty of signage so potential customers can find you. Additionally, when you want to ensure that potential customers can see your diner, the best thing you can do is to make sure it stands out by incorporating unique features like a bright sign, colorful window displays, or engaging patio seating.


This may seem simple, but it’s essential for any breakfast diner. Customers need to be able to park nearby if they are planning on having a meal with you. Additionally, you may need additional lighting, security cameras, or even a parking attendant if you have a large parking lot.

Plenty of Foot Traffic

Having a lot of foot traffic is always beneficial for any business, especially a breakfast diner. You want to ensure your location is surrounded by other businesses and homes so that plenty of customers will enter your doors every morning.

Kitchen Equipment

Breakfast food may be simple, but it still requires much attention. To ensure you’re serving enough best breakfast dishes to your customers, here are the essential investments you need to make when it comes to kitchen equipment:

Commercial Egg Station

An egg station for commercial use is useful in any breakfast diner, as this can simultaneously accommodate more egg orders. It also keeps eggs hot and moist for a long time to ensure you’re serving fresh, delicious eggs every morning.

Espresso Machine

Customers love having a cup of coffee with their breakfast, so investing in an espresso machine is essential for any diner. Not only will it help you make great-tasting cappuccinos and lattes, but it also helps to cut down on time needed to serve your customers.

A female bartender using an espresso machine making coffee


A great griddle is essential for any breakfast diner. It allows you to cook large quantities of eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Make sure your griddle has plenty of temperature settings so you can adjust depending on the food you’re cooking.

Waffle Iron

One of the favorite breakfast staples is waffles. Invest in a good quality waffle iron that can help you create perfect waffles every time to ensure you can serve up delicious Belgian waffle batter. Invest in iron with additional settings to make thick, fluffy pancakes.

Staffing Needs

Last but not least, don’t forget about investing in staffing needs for your restaurant! Hiring talented chefs who understand how to create delicious breakfasts is essential—and remember that experienced chefs will likely require higher salaries than less experienced ones. Here are other essential staff members you’ll need to hire:

Servers and Hosts

Your servers and hosts will welcome your customers, take their orders, and ensure their enjoyable experience. Select friendly, personable individuals passionate about food and customer service.

Kitchen Staff

The kitchen staff is an essential help for your business, as they’ll be responsible for prepping meals, cooking, and cleaning. Ensure you select staff willing to be trained on making the best breakfast dishes and understanding food safety protocols.

Store Manager

An owner or manager busy with work using a phone while using a laptop

Your store manager will be responsible for overseeing the entire operation and making sure everything runs smoothly. When selecting a store manager, ensure they have experience in the restaurant industry and understand how to manage staff and create a successful business.


Cleaners are essential in keeping your restaurant looking great and running efficiently. You can also invest in a janitorial service to help with deep cleanings, such as cleaning the floors and bathrooms. If you are still short on budget, try to find someone who can do the job in-house.

Starting a breakfast diner business is an exciting endeavor that can be very rewarding, provided you make the right investments. With these steps, you’ll be ready to open up your business and serve delicious breakfast dishes for years.

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